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Recommended aged 6 years and above


Key Features: 

Storage Solution – Organized trays sorted by piece and color ready to be placed out on the table for a lesson or workshop. It's your easy material management system.

Unlimited building – This large amount of materials allows students to build structures of any scale or dimension. It's also lightweight enough for kids to lift above their head.

Different lengths and color-coded pieces – Four types of connectors and five different straw lengths. They're all color-coded, making it easy to follow the activity instructions.

What's Inside?

  • 1,024 1-leg Blue Connectors
  • 512 2-leg Yellow Connectors
  • 512 3-leg Green Connectors
  • 256 5-leg Red Connectors
  • 512 240-mm Blue Building Straws
  • 360 205-mm Green Building Straws
  • 512 112-mm Pink Building Straws
  • 256 80-mm Orange Building Straws
  • 256 48-mm Yellow Building Straws
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck
  • 2 Posters
  • Free access to lesson plans in the Strawbees Learning platform


SKU: 217537123517253
  • STEAM School Kit – our most massive construction kit providing over 4000 pieces enough for an entire classroom of students. Build a large cityscape, a large rollercoaster track for a ball to run through, a large pyramid structure taller than you, and create moving mechanical arms and claws. The building set comes with 5 different precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors in a storage box with pull-out material trays to get started building!

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