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About Us

We are a passionate team of STEAM educators who come together with a shared passion for innovating children’s education. Having gone through the conventional education paths, Every trainer of the team is motivated by the vision that students must be educated in a more hands-on, cross-generational manner.

We’ve extensive experience integrating rapid prototyping and design methods and tools into educational settings. We organize STEAM workshops, Kids Hack Day and Maker programme in Schools,, libraries and Community clubs. We teach problem-based STEAM with an emphasis on material science, design thinking, and collaborative work. Together we have reached more than 50,000 students through a series of Maker  programme and Inter-school competition. 


Our program encourages the playful exploration of five major questions - how things work, why they work, who made them work, when they work and where they work in the world. The more questions you ask, the more solutions you can create.

Our Mission

A meaningful and impactful Maker + STEAM program will foster a genuine love for investigation, for asking questions, and for curiosity and engagement about the world we live in. We hope to inspire students to be an empathetic learner and Maker that thinks beyond “outside of the box.” Challenging the norms, breaking patterns, and figuring out new ways. one that never stops thinking.


Our mission is to nurture the 3C’s of 21st-century skills – Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. We believe that the ability to think critically, collaborate broadly, communicate effectively as well as generate and prototype multiple solutions, should be the core of a 21st-century education. Our approach encourages students to imagine, create and share.

Learning has never been more fun and engaging

Our Partners

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