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We believe it is important to encourage attempts, rather than focusing on results. Every engineering project is an iterative process. The best way to learn something new is by testing out ideas, building prototypes. The important thing is not the end result, it’s the journey exploration. We encourage everyone to embrace challenges with a great deal of humour, curiosity and courage because we believe that problem solving with a positive attitude fosters immense creativity.


We provide the following Enrichment Programme for Schools /institutes:

  • PlayMaker workshop

  • Maker with Design thinking workshop

  • Cardboard Sculpturing Art

  • Young Inventor workshop

  • 3D Printing/3D Pen Art workshop

  • Coding workshop with microbit/quirkbot


Teacher workshop

  • Design thinking workshop 

  • Team building workshop 

-Maths Teacher

“First time seeing Strawbees lessons and there are so many possibilities in linking to maths concepts and acquisition of soft skills.


“As a Computer Engineering student, I am highly interested in hardware development. Thanks to the Strawbees workshop I attended, I now understand the hardware design process and appreciate the work that goes into creating the finished product.”

-Hazlina, Science Teacher

"Students were well engaged during the entire time of the Strawbees Playmaker and Team Building Challenge workshop. The workshop was a great platform for students to showcase their creativity and critical thinking skills. The Team Building Challenge acted as a form of added motivation to work more collaboratively and to be more creative.

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