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  • Bring out the #Maker in you and start creating what you want with Strawbees.
  • Completely open-ended kit with 200 pieces.
  • Start building some small projects!
  • Ideal for playing alone or with a friend.
  • Experiment with different materials. Combine pieces to create hinges, movable joints or whatever you can imagine.
  • Unlimited fun! Our connectors & straws are reusable. When you finish building, you can disassemble your creations and use them to create something new.
  • Great for home or the school. Use Strawbees to explore STEAM.
  • Our connectors & straws are recyclable so that you make no waste.

Strawbees Maker Kit

SKU: Strawbees maker
  • Find the maker in you! The Maker kit is the perfect introduction to building with Strawbees. With 200 pieces and an instruction manual with 16 projects, you can start exploring the Strawbees universe by building geometric shapes or your favorite animal.

    *The colour of the Strawbees and the straws might vary.

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