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The easiest way to learn Coding and Robotics in the classroom! Program your creations to move, light up, and sense the environment. Designed to challenge both beginners and experienced hackers by offering simple to complex programming and coding possibilities.


  • 1400 Strawbees and construction straws
  • 12x Organizer boxes
  • 12x circuit boards (with built-in rechargeable batteries)
  • 12x quality servo motors
  • 36x Servo Motor Arms
  • 24 Servo Motor Mounts
  • 12x micro-USB cables
  • 12x Light sensors
  • 72x LED
  • 24x Alligator clips
  • An educational booklet.

Everything you need to start programming and create lots of creative projects straight away!

Strawbees Coding and Robotics School Kit

SKU: Strawbees Coding and Robotics School kit
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